3 Feb 2010

Fantasy Art Showcase - Jason Engle

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Celestial by Jason Engle
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I've been prowling DeviantArt for a little while since Christmas looking for some good fantasy artistic talent to showcase on here, and at last I've found it. Here's a couple of pieces from the gallery of artist Jason Engle.

His artwork has a fantastic dynamic, and even in images where there is a single character you get a feeling of motion and action that looks stunning.

Some of his battle scenes put me in mind of the works of Keith Parkinson, and his works on dragons are, simply put, awesome. Below is a small selection of works from his DeviantArt profile (all of these images are copyright Jason Engle).

He's published some of the best of his work in an artbook called Infernum: The Art of Jason Engle. He's done work for big fantasy names such as Games Workshop, Blizzard and Wizards of the Coast (if he decides to move into book covers I can see people clamouring to get a hold of one of his work!) Click the images to visit the DeviantArt pages with more information.

Black Death by Jason EngleBloof War by Jason EngleAscendant by Jason Engle

What do you like best in fantasy art? Battles? Dragons? Scantily-clad barbarian warrior women?