1 Apr 2010

Terry Goodkind to guest star as Tobias Brogan in Legend of the Seeker Season 3!

Terry Goodkind 

You heard it here first. Terry Goodkind, author of the highly successful Sword of Truth series, is to make a guest appearance in a future episode of Legend of the Seeker, which is based on his novels.
Goodkind will play Tobias Brogan, a character from his third novel Blood of the Fold. Brogan is the Lord General of the Blood of the Fold, a fanatical group of witch hunters who wish to expunge all magic from the face of the earth (and those who have the gift are tortured and murdered). 

It is unclear whether or not Brogan will be a major or minor part in the third season of Legend of the Seeker, or if his role will continue for more than one episode. In the novel, Brogan is responsible for kidnapping Kahlan Amnell, but there is no confirmation if this plot device will be used.

Since the show first got the greenlight, I'd always hoped that Terry Goodkind would make a guest appearance in Legend of the Seeker. The author photo at the back of the Sword of Truth novels kind of shouted "put me in a fantasy movie!" so I guess he's done the next best thing.

UPDATE: This post was an April Fool's Day prank. There is no evidence that Terry Goodkind will appear in Legend of the Seeker, that Tobias Brogan will appear, or even that Season 3 will happen.