26 Sep 2011

Real-life Hobbit hole built in Welsh hillside

Source: www.simondale.net
I thought that it was just me reading Lord of the Rings a little too much recently, but there is a Hobbit hole that has been built into a hillside in Wales. The whole thing took 4 months to build from scratch, and apparently only cost the family £4000 to build. The best thing is that they didn't intent it to turn into a Hobbit hole, it just sort of turned out that way.

Freelance photographer Simon Dale and his wife decided to move to the country to bring up their first child, but weren't able to afford the mortgages that were on offer. So instead they were able to get a piece of land in the Welsh countryside and, armed with scavenged materials and friends to pitch in and help, they created a completely self designed, self made and self sustainable house.

Source: www.simondale.net
The Hobbit hole has straw bale insulation, solar panels and collects water from a nearby spring. This means that the house will be cheap to run as well as looking fantastic. It's kind of funny that it turned out having a distinctly 'Shire' feel to it - maybe Tokien knew more than a little something about eco-friendly housing?

If I was any kind of architect/builder, this would definitely be my kind of house.

Source: www.simondale.net via www.metro.co.uk