21 Sep 2012

Zombie Quest: Mastermind the hexes [app review]

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Zombie Quest
Created by Synaptic Wave

Available on iPhone [US App Store | UK App Store], iPad [US App Store | UK App Store] and Mac [US App Store | UK App Store]

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This is my first app review, and hopefully the first of many. Zombie Quest is a strategy board game similar to Reversi/Othello; your objective is to have as many of your pieces on the board by turning your opponent's pieces over to your side. You do this by moving one of your own pieces to a space adjacent to an enemy, causing it to flip and join your army.

Easy learning curve

The gameplay is simplistic; one of those "easy to pick up but difficult to master" deals. I've never been good at Reversi-type games, and this would have frustrated me had I been thrown in the deep end. Luckily, players are eased into the game with levels of varying difficulty (which translates to using smaller boards for easier levels). What makes Zombie Quest stand out from other Reversi games is that you collect special powers with each  new level you beat (which is characterised with a particular monster and a particular power e.g. zombies, psychopaths, Frankenstein's monsters). These powers add a new dimension to the strategy and stop the game from becoming stale too quickly.

Zombie Quest iPad screenshot

Looks great, but lacks replay value

That being said, the game lacks replay-ability. Special powers aside, the levels become fairly repetitive with different character and level skins over the top. Two player mode is better for replay value, but this is mainly due to having a second person playing against you.

The graphics of Zombie Quest are fantastic; it has a very cartoon-y style and it works well in defining the pieces on the board. The animations for activating the power ups, such as dropping a claw onto an enemy piece and removing them from the game, fit in very nicely with the overall look of the game. What did annoy me was the somewhat misleading title of "Zombie Quest" when the player character throughout remains a werewolf, and zombies only feature as AI enemies. A mild gripe, but as a zombie fan I felt a bit cheated.

In short, Zombie Quest is a fun game that looks really good and plays just as well. The gameplay is simple to pick up, and though it'll take a little while to master your strategy and beat the game, there's no incentive to play it through a second time.

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  1. Alex J. CavanaughSeptember 21, 2012

    Bring them on! That one sounds great. I'll download tonight. Just got the new upgrade so eager to try out new stuff. And SIRRI on my iPad is just awesome.
    Will send you email about guest post.

  2. Man I need to get an i-Something. I'm missing out on so many cool apps like this!!!!!!!!!

  3. Callie LeuckSeptember 21, 2012

    They should consider a hidden level where the werewolf becomes a zombie. Zombie werewolf: how could would that be?

  4. hahaah I love the sound of this. Sounds like they've made Othello cool again ;)

  5. not enough time!

  6. You can get Siri on the iPad now? I'm there!

  7. You're missing out Wes. Join us!

  8. That'd be pretty awesome - I wonder if werewolves are immune to zombie bites?

  9. I used to hate Othello; it went over my head. This makes it easier to play.

  10. I know, right? Sadly Apple refuse to respond to my emails ... >_<

  11. Looks cute! It's so funny how zombies are so in these last few years.

  12. Reviews are a good thing. I like that design of Frankenstein's Monster, but I fear you are correct about replay value.


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