24 April 2013

Unsolved Mysteries [A-Z of retro kids' TV]

Unsolved Mysteries title card

So today's A-Z Challenge 2013 post isn't exactly for kids, but what kid could pass up the chance to watch mysterious occurrences, disappearances, aliens, yetis and other weird happenings? No? Just me? Fair enough then. This is Unsolved Mysteries.

What's it all about?

Unsolved Mysteries was a show about, you guessed it, Unsolved Mysteries. Robert Stack and his notorious trenchcoat hosted the original series from 1987-1997, and featured a whole host of mysteries from criminal investigations to the paranormal

Favourite episode?

There wasn't any one episode that comes to mind, but what I do remember is Stack's appearance in BASEketball, which was all kinds of awesome.

Intro video

A mix of "Creepy" and "Let's Investigate!" - pretty damn good theme tune


  1. What geeky adult couldn't resist a show featuring weird stuff?

  2. I know Robert Stack from even earlier (reruns though, please). He was in a 1957 film called The Enemy Below. A Star Trek episode was later based on it. It's the story of a destroyer captain (Stack) and a U-boat commander in battle like a game of chess.

    I haven't seen it, but he is also famous for having been on The Untouchables.

  3. LOL - I'd completely forgotten about his bit in BASEketball.

  4. I used to watch this show all the time too. I can't remember any favorite episodes either, but my siblings and I were addicted to it.

  5. That was a good show and I love the cameo in BASEketball! Awesome movie.

  6. There's a kids show about unsolved mysteries? How did I miss this?

  7. Yep...I used to watch this show. Who could resist unsolved crimes and investigations?


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