28 January 2014

Top five outfits of The Doctor

You have to hand it to The Doctor - he's a stylish gent. For someone who's older than your (great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great)x42 grandad, he's got a pretty sizable wardrobe and a not-too-terrible sense of fashion.

Here's a rundown of the five best outfits that The Doctor has worn.

#5. Peter Capaldi (12th Doctor) - 100% Rebel Time Lord

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor official costume

This one is at #5 because a) it's brand new (the BBC announced via Twitter yesterday)

and b) we don't know how Capaldi will pull off being all Doctor-y in it yet. Still it's a pretty cool look; it's like a stripped-down version of Jon Pertwee's outfit (no-frills, literally). Capaldi described it as "100% Rebel Time Lord" - let's hope he lives up to it.

#4. Matt Smith (11th Doctor) - Accessorising Is Cool

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor with a Stetson

A lot of Doctor Who fans are undecided about Matt Smith. Did he bring a new sense of whimsy to The Doctor, or did his reign signal the downfall of the show into childishness? Either way, no other incarnation of The Doctor has accessorised so successfully. 

Things the Eleventh Doctor made cool:
  • Bowties
  • Fezzes
  • Stetsons
  • Glasses
  • Bunk beds
 No other Time Lord can boast such a list of achievements.

#3. Tom Baker (4th Doctor) - British As Can Be

Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor with his Scarf

Yes, The Doctor is from Gallifrey, but Doctor Who is a British show, and so its main character should reflect at least a smidgeon of Britishness in his dealings. Tom Baker's Doctor fully did this because he was prepared for the British climate. Hat? Check. Scarf? Check. Long coat? Check.

Chuck in a pair of wellies and an anorak and Baker's Britain-proof. By far the most practical Doctor.

#2. David Tennant (10th Doctor) - Converse King

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor with his Converse

A 900-year old, time-travelling alien riding across the Universe wearing Converse shoes. Says it all, really. The suit is pretty cool (though you guys can fight over which was better; the brown or the blue?), and arguably Tennant's Doctor first made glasses cool, but it's the Converse that he'll be remembered for.

Also, apparently Tennant brought the sexy back to Doctor Who, so I'll just leave these here (YOU'RE WELCOME, by the way).

David Tennant being all sexy as The Doctor and stuff.
David Tennant being all sexy as The Doctor and stuff.

#1. Paul McGann (8th Doctor) - Back To Basics

Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in his Battle Dress

Not the frills-and-velvet get up of The Doctor Who Movie. No, this is The Doctor after living through the Time War, but before he becomes the awesome John Hurt (if you've not seen The Night of The Doctor, go watch it now. It's 7 minutes of epic).

McGann's outfit is practical, battle-ready but with enough decoration to keep a stylish edge. He's the kind of Doctor that would kick your ass and sit down and have tea with you afterward. A dangerous gentleman indeed.

Do you agree with this top 5? Feel free to argue in the comments below (I will fight anyone who says that Doctors Five, Six or Seven are better. Who has question marks on their clothes? I mean, really?)

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  1. The last one is cool because it's kind of steampunk.

  2. Good call with the extra David Tennant piccies ;-)

  3. I saw somebody slap a hat and cape on Peter and turn him into Darwking Duck - I already liked the look, but that completely won me over. :)

  4. I agree with your list. I'm not sure i'd put them in the same order, but i might. I just haven't give it much thought. I'm excited about Capaldi's look (well, i'm just excited about Capaldi in general. I think he's going to be awesome)

    1. ... I saw him filming in Cardiff today - it's a good look for him; I hope he pulls it off in the new season :)

  5. This was a fun list. Haven't seen more than an episode here and there, but I'm a fan of the last look (#1).

    1. Thanks Nicole :) McGann's steampunk-ish attire is awesome; if I ever was to cosplay, that's what I'd pick :)

  6. Mcganns outfit is terrible - he looks like an effeminate cowboy in that pic

    Ps. Dickie bows are not and will never be cool


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