Work with me

I'm all for collaboration with others in whatever form that takes - email me at, or grab me on Twitter - @mithrilwisdom.

Want me to review something?

I like to consider myself to be a pretty eclectic geek, so if you've got something that tickles the geeky tastebuds, then I'm your man. These are the kind of things I usually review:

Books - mainly fantasy, but I occasionally dip into light sci-fi and horror (especially zombies). I also have a soft spot for steampunk, so you can't go wrong there. 
  • I shy away from YA and paranormal romance - they're not for me
  • I don't review self-published books
  • Non-fiction is absolutely fine so long as it's within the realms of geekery
  • Graphic novels are a-okay in my books too
Movies - Fantasy and sci-fi are my genres of choice (including superhero movies and comic book adaptations). I also have a penchant for 80s classics

Games - Video games or board games, I'm a fan of most things.
  • Video game-wise, I'm an RPG/god-sim/strategy/adventure kind of guy (plus Minecraft)
  • Board game-wise, my tastes are varied and open to all comers.
Geek gifts/accessories - This is a little more vague, but if you've got a product or service that caters for the geek crowd, feel free to get in touch.

Events - If you've a geek-friendly event (especially in Wales) then let me know and I can add it to my Wales Geek events calendar

Please note that I'm based in Wales, UK (so you don't get a surprise when it comes to postage if you're overseas!)

Want to promo something?

That's the name of the game at the end of the day, isn't it? If you've got something worth talking about, I want to hear it.

Kickstarter campaigns - I love crowdsource campaigns, so if you've a campaign that you'd like promo'd, let me know!

Interviews - Via e-mail, over the phone or in person, it's all good to me. Whether you're an author, artist, game designer or Kickstarter campaigner, get in touch.

Competitions/giveaways - Who doesn't love free stuff? I'm happy to arrange giveaways and competitions on here (within reason). I tend to use Rafflecopter for giveaways as it makes things easier to manage.

Want to write for Mithril Wisdom?

If you want to be a guest here, then  I'd love to have you! Drop me a line with your idea and we'll take it from there.

Just a few ground rules beforehand:

  • None of this writing for SEO nonsense - guest writers get a bio with a link to their main site/social profiles, but that's about it unless other links are highly relevant
  • Basic spelling/grammar/punctuation is a must - if it reads poorly, then it doesn't get published
Other than that, I'm a fairly easy-going guy

Want me to work with you?

I'm always looking to flex my creative muscles whenever I can. If you'd like me to write a guest article, I'm open to suggestions!

I'm also open to the idea of podcast/radio input. Though my experience in these is very limited, I'm willing to give anything a shot.

Thanks - stay classy, Internet